Sedation & Anesthesia Options

Sedation & Anesthesia Options

We understand that while a visit to the dentist is few people’s idea of a good time, for some patients, nervousness or fear can keep them from going to the dentist or receiving needed dental care. 

If you have ever experienced dental anxiety — whether it’s due to a negative experience in your past or an underlying fear — you are not alone! More than one third of the population is estimated to experience dental fear.

At Rockland Dental Group, we want to make sure every patient has a comfortable, positive experience in our care. Our team provides compassionate, personalized attention to each and every person who walks in our door — and that includes the education, resources, and treatments you need to feel at ease.

How can sedation dentistry help my dental health?

In addition to our understanding team who will patiently explain all the elements of your treatment, we also offer several options for sedation and anesthesia to keep you calm and comfortable during cleanings, fillings, and other dental procedures.

Talk to your dentist about your concerns so they can identify the type of sedation that is best for you.

  • Nitrous oxide: Sometimes known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled through a mask and produces a calming effect in just a few minutes. Your dentist can adjust the dosage during your procedure based on your needs. The nitrous oxide leaves your body quickly, so patients are able to drive themselves home after treatment.
  • Deep sedation: An in-office anesthesiologist is available to provide a deeper form of anesthesia known as conscious sedation. Administered orally or intravenously, deep sedation allows patients to fall asleep or enter a “twilight” state where they often have no memory of the procedure. With this deeper form of sedation, patients need to have a companion available to get them home safely following treatment.

Before you begin sedation or anesthesia, be sure to share with your dentist any current medications or allergies. Follow all guidelines regarding eating and drinking before your procedure, and give yourself time to rest and recover following a deep sedation treatment.

Give our New City office a call today to learn how we can make dental care more comfortable for you.