He’ll Get You There

Dr. Jaby Paul shares his deep commitment to Rockland County smiles.

When you’re choosing a dentist, the first things you look for are probably someone whose office is convenient for you to access and who has a solid background of experience and credentials. You probably also look for someone that comes with high praise from the community. So, what is it that really makes someone the best dentist in Rockland County? Why are people loving Rockland Dental Group and referring their friends and neighbors here?

The short answer? Quality and commitment.

Rockland Dental Group founder Dr. Jaby Paul has more than just a passion for oral health; he loves this community. When he creates an oral health and wellness plan with a client, he goes above and beyond to ensure they receive the very best treatment — and he sees them through to the end, every step of the way.

With a wide range of experience in all areas of general dentistry — including cosmetics, endodontics, extractions, and prosthodontics — Dr. Paul welcomes new patients to come in for an initial consultation and discover their personal path to optimal oral wellness.

Oral health encompasses more than just healthy teeth and gums; it also includes feeling confident in your smile. With Dr. Paul on your oral health team, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to envision your ideal smile — and have an action plan to create it!

You can tell a lot about a person by their smile, and Dr. Paul’s will inspire you to join in. Rockland County is his home, and he is committed to caring for the smiles of this community. The superior care and quality you receive at Rockland Dental Group is second to none, and that’s what keeps patients returning year after year, generation after generation.

It’s a practice by the community, for the community, and Dr. Paul is steering it with a smile.

Call today to schedule your next cleaning and oral health checkup!

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