How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Whatever the reason you find yourself looking for a new dentist in New City, NY or the surrounding community, here are some tips to help you choose just the right practice

5 Tips to Help You Choose a Dentist in New City, NY

Choosing the right dentist for you and your family can feel daunting. Maybe you’ve just moved to the area, maybe you’ve decided to switch practices in hopes of finding something closer to home, or maybe you just want a dentist that aligns better with your needs and expectations. Whatever the reason you find yourself looking for a new dentist in New City, NY or the surrounding community, here are some tips to help you choose just the right practice.

5 Things to Help You Find a Great Dental Practice

1. Do you feel welcome?

Great credentials and community reviews are fine, but the real question of finding the best dental practice for you comes down to your personal experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for a tour of the practice you’re considering! 

Is the staff warm and friendly? Does the space feel safe, clean, and welcoming? Is it easy to make an appointment? If so, you’ve found a practice that’s well worth your time in digging a little deeper. Make that first appointment, then move on to the next tips.

2. How is their patient engagement?

Whether you’re getting your teeth cleaned or following up with some recommended treatment, how does the staff engage with you about the dental care process? Are all your questions answered? Do you feel like an effort has been made to help you understand your options?

3. Is your comfort a priority?

Whether a visit to the dentist is easy peasy for you or you struggle with dental anxiety, observe how the practice works to help you feel at ease. If you do have a lot of nervousness, be sure to communicate that clearly with the staff so they have an opportunity to show you the full range of their comfort measures.

4. How is their communication?

From collecting your insurance info to explaining that brushing the back of your teeth a little better could help with plaque, how do you feel about the level of compassionate communication you receive? Sometimes, we hear things we’d rather not at the dentist’s office, such as finding out we need to have a cavity filled, but the question here is less about what is communicated and more about how it is communicated. Clarity and compassion are key.

5. Ask, what’s new?

It’s both interesting and reassuring to learn about what new tools, technologies, and practices your dentist is engaging with. Continuing education means that you, the patient, will have ongoing access to the latest and greatest in dentistry. That translates to things like greater ease and comfort during procedures, more durable prosthetics, and faster treatment times, for example.

Ultimately, the dentist in New City, NY that you choose should help you protect and preserve your teeth and your smile for a lifetime. Visit Rockland Dental Group today to discover if we’re the right fit for you! We’d love to support your oral health today, tomorrow, and for the years to come. Schedule an appointment today.


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