Dental Emergency in Rockland County

Dental Emergency in Rockland County: What To Do

If you experience a dental emergency in Rockland County, the first thing to do is call our New City, NY dentist office.

You’re eating your lunch as usual, and without warning, something happens to one of your teeth, and you’re in terrible pain. The shock brings tears to your eyes, and then you notice that you’re bleeding. What is happening? You are experiencing a dental emergency.

If you experience a dental emergency in Rockland County, the first thing to do is call our New City, NY dentist office: 845-634-8900. We can help you assess the problem, offer instructions on what to do, and make an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Is it a true dental emergency?

It’s crucial to understand the difference between a real dental emergency, which can threaten your health, and a less dire situation.

Ask the following questions:

  • Are you in terrible pain?
  • Are you bleeding anywhere in your mouth?
  • Have you lost a tooth or part of a tooth?
  • Do you have a loose tooth? (A loose tooth, even without pain, is a serious problem in adults.)
  • Do you have an infection or tooth abscess?  

Generally, an issue that needs treatment to alleviate horrible pain, stop bleeding, address an infection or abscess, or save a tooth is a dental emergency.

What To Do When In A Dental Emergency in Rockland County

As stated above, you should call our dental office in New City, NY, if there is any question about whether or not you are experiencing an emergency. That is always the first step to take!

Unexplained Pain: Pain can be the result of a physical injury, abscess, or infection. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Place a cold compress on your cheek if there swelling is present.

Broken Tooth: Save any tooth fragments that you can find to bring to our office. Clean the injured area with warm water, and place a cold compress on your cheek.

Loss of Permanent Tooth: If possible, find the tooth and place it back into the empty socket. You may have to hold it in place. If you can’t place the tooth into the socket for any reason, then put the tooth into a cup of milk to preserve it. We may be able to save the tooth.Bleeding, Swelling, and Fever: If you have bleeding, swelling of the gums or face, or fever resulting from tooth or mouth pain, then it is an emergency. Contact our office immediately.

Experiencing a dental emergency is scary. Allow our New City, NY dentists, and staff to help you through it. Our caring team has seen it all, and while your experience is frightening to you, we know how to alleviate your pain and treat your condition quickly and effectively.

If you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency in Rockland County, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to keep your suffering to a minimum.

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