Dental Anxiety and COVID-19: How Rockland Dental Group is Moving Forward.

See why Rockland Dental Group is your best choice for a general dentistry in Rockland County.

It’s time. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has lifted mask requirements for fully vaccinated people, which allows us to visit with friends again, take trips, and even enjoy a dinner in a restaurant. It feels terrific to embrace being social again.

It’s also time to catch up with your doctor and dentist to schedule any appointments you may have put off during the pandemic. Now that you’re going to be flashing your smile in public again, you want to be sure that your teeth are in top form.

But who is the best general dentist in Rockland County?

Hint: we think it’s us!

At Rockland Dental Group, we perform top-notch oral care services, and we care deeply for our patients.

Dental Anxiety: We’ll Put You at Ease 

Feeling some dental anxiety is normal. So please, don’t feel anxious about feeling anxious. Instead, allow us to put you at ease by reading some of the ways we work to make your visit with us enjoyable.

Our Staff

We think our staff is the very best! Of course, they are professional and have top-notch training, but they are also kind. And fun! Often a smile or a little joke is all it takes to calm your jitters. Our friendly staff not only makes sure that you receive the best possible care and that everything runs smoothly, but that you feel safe in our hands.

Our Office

Our dental instruments must be sterile, but you’ll find our office environment warm and inviting. Forget old-fashioned dental offices where everything was ‘hospital white’ and, if you were lucky, a cheesy motivational poster hung on the wall. Our office is beautiful and modern, which may explain why our staff is so genial and helpful. We love working here!

COVID-19 Free

Many people’s fears understandably extend to COVID-19. We are committed to keeping a COVID-19 free office. All staff members and patients must wear masks while in our office to ensure everyone has a safe experience.

Still feeling hesitant? Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can make your visit to our office less stressful.

All Your Oral Care Needs in One Place

You’ve gotten comfortable having general dentistry performed on your teeth. Congratulations! But then you and your dentist decide that you need cosmetic dentistry performed, and all your old nerves reappear. It can be challenging to get used to a new set of doctors, staff members, and a different office.

There’s good news! Dr. Jaby K. Paul and Dr. Emily Schadt provide all of your dental and orthodontics care under one roof.

Ready to Go to the Best General Dentist in Rockland County?

We are the best general dentist in Rockland County, and we’re here for you! Having trouble finding well-trained dentists who put you at ease? Look no further. You’ve found what you’re looking for. 

Contact us today to take advantage of the best general dentist Rockland County offers!


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